Wednesday, April 28, 2010

lesson 45

Stop.. rewind.. play..

There is a bigger picture to keep in mind.. i’m told everything is on track..

G Major – I position – 2 octaves
C# Major - III position starting with 2nd finger – 2 octaves

Maestro assures me, ‘The assault on His fine musical ears’* also known as K9 as played by me, for it is this bad.. (*mind you these are my words not His) is really not that bad!
He no longer has to imagine the sound of this piece for it now bears some semblance to how it should sound, instead of the indistinguishable blur of notes it was when i played it initially – this gives me some hope.

It is suggested i record myself once a week so notable improvements can be perceived by me this will provide some positive encouragement.

Also rather than push through the sections we have covered it is suggested to take the notes grouped in each slur and practice these separately with a break between – excellent.

As for my fingers and hand cramping, this is all very normal for these muscles have never moved in this way before are now being exercised and developed.

We review Primavera and add a few more bars to the practice session.
Note the definition of 'mordent' in the top image as given by Maestro.. i had to beg him for he was reluctant to write it in pencil above the musical notation, as it made me laugh so.. for a good deal of humour is required for learning the violin, so i'm told.

List A No 1. AMBE Second Grade, Cantabile (Jean Baptiste) Charles Dancla (1817 - 1907) edited Samuel Applebaum , was requested and as i had not practiced this for a long time stood there shocked.
To my surprise it wasn’t nearly as difficult as i imagined.
Running commentary in my head as i play – ‘gee, the Kreutzer is doing its job’.
My finger flexibility, reach and strength particularly with the 4th was very much noted by me.
I am asked to start infusing some musicality within this piece.. phrasing, dynamics, expression, sensitivity, in other words looking at making it artistically expressive.. most importantly of all - breathe!

donna con il violino blu

donna con il violino blu © 2010 patricia vannucci

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