Tuesday, April 20, 2010

lesson 44

What was it that i wrote in the side bar of this blog..?
I believe it went something like this...

"...it will be recorded here.. good, bad, struggle, triumph, laughter, tears.. with or without inspiration etc.."

No talk of lesson here tonight.. rather i feel i struggle alone at present..

Perhaps after i collect myself, my thoughts, my emotions.. i will be able to write a little more in the next few days.

Nothing to do with lesson specifically and the work, for i enjoy lessons, and know without the hard work dedicating time to this, gains will not be made. I look forward to inching my way towards making a decent sound one day on the violin.. i at least owe it to the beautiful instrument(s) i have in my possession.. and also the faith that one person particularly has placed in me to have passed on his personal violin into my care..

Yes.. it will be recorded here..
and tonight
because i feel this loneliness
my shortcomings re music
and other human failings are being amplified
i feel i'm in an emotional trough
i feel i struggle alone
donna con il violino blu

donna con il violino blu © 2010 patricia vannucci