Saturday, March 13, 2010

donna con il violino blu
lady with the blue violin

Why do i call myself by this title?
Well it all started with an artwork.
The one you see as my avatar.

My artistic journey via watercolours has led me to this place which i call.. ‘the beautiful music of the violin’
It was the first watercolour i painted in my other journey through art which is part of a series called

Through this humbly and simply painted artwork, which has become my avatar here, i discover that i adopt the title, 'donna con il violin blu', which is the Italian for lady with the blu violin after having acquired a blue violin shortly after deciding to take steps in learning how to play.

The blue violin is one of four violins that i have in my care. I happened to find it by chance walking past a small suburban music shop. I was not looking for another violin to purchase as i already had bought a violin in order to start learning, rather would like to think that this blue violin found me. 

This small music shop was crammed with musical instruments and paraphernalia as most musical shops are. As i stepped in, i immediately headed for the back, deeper and deeper into what seemed a darker and ever narrowing space. My eyes caught that familiar shaped case holding what was a blue coloured violin. Being dark back there, the blue coloured varnish of the instrument seemed to jump out at me. 

Even at a reduced price, it seemed this little blue violin was not wanted. It had been cast and thrown aside on the floor along with other instruments laying there way back in the dark crammed space. Although i had already purchased a violin a month before, when i laid eyes on this little blue jewel, i knew instantly i had to have it in my care.


this violin is not a concert violin
it does not have a fancy name or title
it is not prestigious
it does not posses a virtuous voice
but it still has
a heart
and within its body
its heart just wants to be loved
il violino blu
is somewhat like me


The further i venture down this road of music and discover how marvellous the voice of the violin truly is, the more am convinced this was meant to be.
Just as i was guided to this music shop by some Divine power, for i never really travel about much,
in finding my heart through il violino blu, some extremely special people it seems, are also being thrown in my path.

“Here.. look!”.. the Universe says, the Universe is providing you with these Stars..
and Stars they are!

There have been some wonderful people, stars that shine brightly, who inspire, guide, gift and love me through this from the very moment i started.
My mother firstly for inspiring me and for always encouraging me no matter what i chose to do.

These people, like the stars in the Heavens are always there for you, shining brightly especially in dark
for that’s their role.

To Them i now say this..
You all know who your are, thank you dal cuore, from my heart for your support so far.


Although i have lost my heart at present
i am still very grateful for their





for these are the voices of my four violins


The struggle is also part of the journey

donna con il violino blu © 2010 patricia vannucci