Friday, March 26, 2010

lesson 41

I’ve had two lessons this week..
One comprising of an hour earlier in the week and today’s lesson a quick half hour session completing the review of Rudolphe’s Number 2.

This is indeed exciting, for now i can crank up the practice sessions with the Study now complete in my head - that is energy permitting due to my chronic fatigue.

A few intense practice sessions this week so far has seen a small breakthrough with thumb placement and that ‘death grip’ and also position changes, the latter still very rough.
Overall the piece seems to be a little more in tune as this small adjustment has made some difference with getting my fourth finger to fall in the right place - there is much work to be done however, and Maestro has told me this is a huge jump (!!!) from the 2nd Grade pieces i was playing. It is what i want to try and the will is there so we are working hard at achieving this together.

Yesterday during practice, the neighbour behind me yelled out.. ‘Use the force!’I don’t speak to these people at all.. so i was a little shocked to hear this man’s booming voice through the open window of my bathroom.. for this is where i practice most times.
Why the bathroom you ask?.. well.. the sound of the violin resonates beautifully in fully tiled areas i found.

Well perhaps it will sound beautiful one day.. for although the sound reverberates about me.. it can be horrid as i fumble and stumble my way through this very difficult piece, and with the window open i guess others within range can hear it also in all its glory!!

At least he yelled out something encouraging rather than some profanity..

See there is hope after all..

donna con il violino blu

The 42 études ou caprices ("42 études or capriccios") for solo violin were composed by Rodolphe Kreutzer around 1796.
Although Kreutzer was a prolific composer with some 50 stage works and dozens of other pieces to his credit, the 42 études remain his best known work and today are part of standard teaching repertoire.

The earliest extant edition of the collection, from 1807, comprises 40 pieces. Kreutzer's authorship is broadly accepted for two other études that were included in some early editions. One of Kreutzer's most important didactic goals was developing fluency in contraction and extension of the left hand; thus his pieces anticipate the challenges of the modern violin.
Taken from Wikipedia

donna con il violino blu © 2010 patricia vannucci

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