Thursday, March 11, 2010

music has left her

solitary violin
image in sepia
perugina photography © 2010 patricia vannucci

lesson 38

she always writes her heart it seems

no matter what happens

and this will be no different today


music left her last night
her inspiration gone
after harsh sounds were uttered into her sensitive ears
she knows not why she even took a picture of a solitary violin
the violin has many ones associated with it
'one' is lone
perhaps she knew this was to come
at present
music has left her
for she feels abandoned and unloved
she searches for her heart
and in her search
she is lost
and has lost her way home
her voice no longer can sound
music has left her mind
her heart
her soul


she knows not when it will return

11 March, 2010
this is the week of lesson 38 - 3 + 8 = 11
this was written on the 11th day of March
this violin reached my hands Monday 11 January (01) , 2010

donna con il violino blu © 2010 patricia vannucci