Monday, March 29, 2010

without you

donna con il violino blu
lady with the blue violin
series of self portraits
in sepia

without You
She will not be
please sound Her
don’t leave Her in her case
show Her the light,
let Her sing
so Her voice is heard
keep Her close to you
hug Her
so that She may feel
the warmth of your body
kiss Her
before you lay Her to rest again
do not abandon Her
for without You
She will be in the dark
without You
She will not breathe
without You
Her Heart will not beat
please sound Her
so Her voice is heard
she will not be
without You
poem written

6 March, 2010


copy of Stradivarius 'Soil' 1714
an antique violin made by Italian luthier
Antonio Stradivari of Cremona (1644-1737).

Scott Cao & S.C.Guan
Artistic Series Handmade Instrument
Xw Qai Wu

formerly owned by
Vov Dylan

photo taken
25 February, 2010
photo location
Sunset Beach, Soldiers Point NSW


'without you' words © 2010 patricia vannucci
creative direction patricia vannucci
perugina photography © 2010 patricia vannucci

donna con il violino blu © 2010 patricia vannucci


eoconnor said...

wonderful work on the poem and image !LIZ

diLuisa said...

un bellissimo lavoro!! complimenti!!
un saluto, Luisa xx

deahna said...

absolutely gorgeous, both the words and the image…....

Mrs Willow said...

I agree with eoconnor….wonderful words and wonderful image.

en-joy said...


Philip Johnson said...


Christaine Kingsley said...

Stunning, touching, beautiful…like all your work!

Cate Townsend said...

A very poignant and moving piece of work so personal to let us in to your world. How wonderful it would be to hear you play. Do you play when you have an exhibtion? that would be wonderful.

perugina said...

Thank you so much Liz once again for your support and feedback.

Grazie tanto diLuisa, un saluto a te :)X

Thank you deahna for your kind thoughts and feedback

Thank you Sandra, appreciate your support
thank you very much

Philip.. your support is always…...............wonderful

Christiane, thank you so much for your support here and on the blog. Your kind feedback encourages me greatly. :)

Cate, thank you so much for leaving your thoughts.. im just a beginning student in violin having had 40 lessons to date starting almost 12 months ago – time has gone by so quickly. To answer your question re playing at an exhibition, i wish one day to be good enought to be able to do this (maybe).. well what matters most is that i am learning to play the violin, something i have wanted to try for some time – and loving it greatly.