Monday, April 26, 2010

lesson 44

A call for help via sms..

Today i had thoughts about cancelling tomorrows lesson, as my brain has turned to mush and i am not making sense of anything that was covered last week.

I've reached info overload and my fingers just aren’t working.. they cramp and are hurting for all the tension i am carrying in them whilst trying to make the notes for the K9 and K13.
I will also confess that through my frustration, from not feeling the tips of my fingers anymore, i actually cut out with cuticle scissors the calluses i have from all the practice.. so now i also have pain in the pads of my fingers where the calluses used to be!
Have no pity for this is self inflicted!

It was far from an ideal week regarding practice, and only few in my circle would know that my health and emotional state this week hampered my efforts in spending and dedicating the adequate time i feel to sounding the violin.
Despite this added challenge i do believe i have tried my best.

So the s.o.s sms went out to you know who, who then called and reassured me that all will be fine..

I know that missing lesson tomorrow will only compound matters with not grasping what was covered last week.. and really i am desperate to have a lesson reviewing everything over again.
It’s frustrating because i know i am giving this my all.

i am quite depressed over it
i am told this is normal - not the cutting out of calluses part though, for this was not mentioned in conversation but perhaps tomorrow will have to fess up!
i hope that tomorrow brings some clarity.

Thank you so much Vov for calling and setting my mind to rest, see you tomorrow.

donna con il violino blu

ps.. apologies if i have grossed anyone out for i am usually quite refined.


donna con il violino blu © 2010 patricia vannucci

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