Friday, April 23, 2010

lesson 44

I’m told to breathe, for it is VERY early days..

Developing muscles that have never moved in this way, hence the Kreutzer études will provide some training to hone this fine motor skill in my left hand so that it will become nibble-fingered and therefore fluent in playing.

Much like how physical exercise trains the body, the Kreutzer if my understanding is correct, is a fitness exercise for fingers and hand.
Start slow and build up gradually is the advice.

Unlike the K2, numbers K13 and K9 posses a new level of complexity with regard to finger movement.
I should not expect to make giant leaps forward and herein lays the frustration.

I’m somewhat like a toddler learning to develop a new skill in body to eventually become upwardly mobile. This toddler in violin, is trapped however in the mind of an already developed and demanding adult wanting and expecting to move fast forward – it seems this is an exercise in patience also.

In speaking with fellow beginner Sergio concerning progress, as we are older beginning students.. we are both discouraged at the moment for differing reasons, however this common underlying theme, one of wanting to perceive significant advancement, improvement and steps forward in learning violin is frustrating.
In support, i stressed to him that each time you pick up the instrument you make progress, however little it may be, be assured it is a step forward.. i’d best remind myself of this also.

Each time i face the music (ha!), i’m reminded of how poor i am at reading it.
Suggestions are made that i start looking at musical notation and saying/verbalising out loud the notes on the page. Relying on my hearing for the melody per se is not going to help me long term rather i should use this as a corrective tool to adjust pitch.
Naming notes ad alta voce as i play the scales, using the terms flat, sharp and natural will reinforce notes and scale structure also.
As painful as it is to admit - i know this and it is all wonderful advice thanks to Maestro adding here that i do trust in what he says.

We make a start on the long term project - Vivaldi Spring. I do like this method of approaching it in sections, the idea being to piece it together in its entirety when the time comes.

Also.. Maestro finally discovers my blog!
He tells me that perhaps he should not sit back in his chair and cross his legs to listen to me play for he reads it makes me anxious!
Not all of what transpires during lesson will be written here, but the majority of it will be. So if you are reading this now (ahem..) be warned.. hehe

The day before last during the practice of K9, i broke down and cried.. for my 3rd & 4th fingers would not move.. they cramped.. the sound was muffled.. not on pitch.. my mind set was negative but i still persisted.

I’m glad i've managed to write about lesson 44 today, i look upon this as a positive, for there has been much negative in recent days.

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