Wednesday, December 1, 2010

you are my heart

donna con il violino blu
series of self portraits with blu violin
in sepia with text overlay

photo taken
11 April, 2010

Photography sustains my creative expression together with writing and painting when energy permits.
They are part of my artistic journey.
Sharing a great deal of myself here through different mediums under this thread of music
is also a journey which i will weave into this fabric that ultimately forms me and it will stand as a record.
Some time ago i wrote the words below which i guess best describes why i am at times driven..

These images along with my artworks
are some of the many strands woven together
that make up the cloth of my life so far.
Sometimes these strands are knotted, frayed and come undone,
some are like silken threads which glint in the sun.

i am not a writer..
i am not a photographer..
i am simply being me
i do not know how to be another.

'you are my heart' words & photography © 2010 patricia vannucci
creative direction patricia vannucci
perugina photography © 2010 patricia vannucci

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