Monday, December 6, 2010

lesson 75

where do i begin...
so much has happened since my last lesson posting which was back in July!

The violin continues to be a source of inspiration for my photography, as you can see from the recent uploads here with the series ‘towards resonance’, shot on the 8 November at Avon Dam in the Wollondilly Region of NSW.
The location provided the perfect backdrop not only for this photographic shoot, also for a few hours of practice under the massive Egyptian style gateways that flank each end of the dam structure.

The resonance beneath these concrete canopies as i practiced this day was what sparked the title of this series, and naturally my desire and motivation to move forward towards playing this instrument at a level where it doesn’t have the listener cringe is something i’m striving and working hard for.
The natural bushland surrounds, as well as man made setting provided the inspiration for creativity and together with intuitiveness made for a successful and enjoyable day overall.

avon dam gateway
'towards resonance'
I was also employed to do a small photographic assignment to adorn the pages of a new business website.
I was very surprised to have been asked, after all i'm not a professional photographer, however it ties in well here as the subjects are foremost violin coupled with flowers.
I felt honored to be given an opportunity to contribute (in a small way) artistically to something like this, because to date i have been engaged only with fulfilling my own needs facilitating creative expression.
To have someone outline what they would like, is a totally different process, although still in the realm of creativeness, what one person has in their mind as an overall picture, can transfer differently to the other, therein lays the challenge.
The client was extremely happy with the end results, and i was more so being able to help realise their vision. All going well with the launch at some point next year, i will only be too happy to provide links to this new and exciting venture.

after dark
grand reflection

Lessons.. the highlights..
The last 5 months of lessons has seen me progress a little further with Vivaldi Spring, which my Maestro tells me is a piece that students doing their Associate Diploma tackle.. great!
I’m just a humble beginning kindergarten violinist, talk about jumping into the deep end. There is much work to be done before this even sounds anything like it’s meant to – still it is a challenge and will endeavour to keep at it.

Hans Sitt is providing much amusement.. for whom?
I’m not sure.
In a desperate bid to motivate me to read musical notation (something i have publicly confessed to loathing here on the blog) Maestro actually said he would offer me a free one hour lesson, on the house, if i learn in one week to play the Sitt No 6 with no errors in under 4 minutes…
Did i mention the word ‘amusement?’
Perhaps for him - knowing it would be very difficult but not entirely impossible.

Still i told him this was a bet he could not lose, for on hearing this piece i described it as a tongue twister, except for violin.
My initial thoughts were that if by some miracle i could achieve this, it would mean significant inroads into the beginnings of reading music, and despite the odds being greatly stacked in his favour, i have to confess the thought of denying il Maestro payment of an hour lesson was delicious.

Sadly in spite of all the practice i did that week, i did not complete the piece and made many errors along the way especially towards the end.. he was worried there initially for i gave it my best shot.
I am pleased to report however, in the week that followed i persevered with the no 6, saying to myself.. “darn i couldn’t do it in one week, but i’m determined to get it done in two”.. even if it kills me..
So at the next lesson was able to play it all, with a few errors here and there.. but hey.. i got through it!

The last five months has seen me step up into the 3rd Grade Book based on the AMEB Curriculum - having had three lessons to date.
The music in this book has me highly motivated, and although it has only been a few weeks, some serious practice time has been had familiarising myself with the pieces and may i add, a considerable amount of reading going on!

I’m sure there are other things i can make mention of, but they do not come to mind immediately as i write, so for now i will leave it here.
I hope not to desert my blog for this long again.
Sometimes there just isn’t enough time for it all.


donna con il violino blu © 2010 patricia vannucci

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