Monday, December 13, 2010

Lesson 76

So what happened in this session…
Today in my rush to get to lesson, i forgot my Grade 3 book, i never forget to bring along my music! Nevertheless il Maestro assures me there are plenty of things to review.. Kreutzer, Vivaldi, Sitt Studies in 2nd Position – the latter mentioned in jest to get a rise out of me i'm sure.
Seasonal music - yes.. Christmas Carols - Silent Night and O Holy Night.

Discovering that my favourite – the Czardas is a Grade 5 piece played in 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Positions, something i am looking forward to learning at some point in the future.

I announce out loud that my 4th finger vibrato sucks and apologise sincerely for my un-lady like language which is brought about only through enormous frustration, to be comforted that worse things have been said by those who have come before me.

A quick review of the Kreutzer 13, which in my opinion has your fingers doing the most incredible contortions i never would have believed if not for trying, leaving me to gasp, “Are you serious?’
Immediately followed by my own realisation below as i look for the denial in His eyes which did not come..
“Hey that’s how it is.. so deal with it!”
Sadly His only retort could be, "I didn't write the darn thing!"

In fine..
Il Maestro wasn’t kidding about commencing Sitt Studies in 2nd Position.. stating only 25% was in jest.

Throw me overboard now!..
Note to self..
Please read previous post..

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