Monday, December 6, 2010

growth spiral
violin scroll against maple

'towards resonance'

A scroll is the decoratively carved end of the neck of certain stringed instruments, mainly members of the violin family. The scroll is typically carved in the shape of a volute (a rolled-up spiral) according to a canonical pattern, although some violins are adorned with carved heads, human and animal.
The quality of a scroll is one of the things used to judge the luthier's skill.
Instrument scrolls usually approximate a logarithmic spiral.
Although many references assert that the instrument scroll closely follows the golden spiral (a specific form of the Logarithmic spiral) this assertion is demonstrably false.

Scrollwork is a common feature of Baroque ornament, the period when string instrument design became essentially fixed.
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'towards resonance'
series of pictures photographed
Avon Dam NSW
8 November 2010

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