Wednesday, August 12, 2009

getting to know you

quick pencil sketch

29 x 40 com

lesson 10

This week sees my return to art as well as practicing my new piece..
Johann Sebastian Bach
(1685 - 1750)
List B No3 AMEB Preliminary Grade Series 8

This is my third piece i've learnt and am currently practicing from this book.
My wonderful teacher, who i will refer to as Maestro (a brilliant violinist) has made this one a little more challenging for me.. as if it isn't challenging enough (!!!) adding up bow staccato to the piece making it more expressive and also to expose me to more bowing techniques - eek!

After having practiced for a solid two hours on this today, i then sat down with my violin on the lounge, took out my sketch pad and relaxed making a quick loose pencil sketch of it.

I feel the title for this art work is apt, as it is very much the case at the moment.
I am hoping that my return to music will help me with my art and vice versa.

So with this said and written, it is off to practice and to be inspired.


donna con il violino blu

'getting to know you'

perugina art © 2009 patricia vannucci

donna con il violino blu © 2010 patricia vannucci


Anonymous said...

Great to see the instrument that is giving you so much pleasure. You can handle the challenge Im sure. As long as the desire is there, you will prevail. B

violinista blu said...

Hi B.. i am enjoying the beginning lessons so far. It is very challenging and not easy however, maestro keeps pushing me along each week which he says is a good thing.
i just have to get over the nerves.. i am not use to playing in front of others ever.. and this throws me.
Thank you for your encouraging words!