Friday, August 21, 2009

notes on a violin

watercolour on arches
300gsm cp fine

38 x 29 cm

original artwork

perugina art © 2009 patricia vannucci

lesson 12
Practice and a watercolour violin..
I was really stuck for a title for this work however as i began painting in the strings i thought..
G D A E - notes on a violin.

Of course.. what better title, as lessons always begin with what maestro calls 'the daggy G!'

Playing open strings beginning with the D followed by A then G down to E and finally G, hence DAG - E - G = daggy - G

I've a quiet respect for the DAG - E - G, and see the merit in playing this sequence of open notes on the violin, however maestro would like me to play this without looking at the instrument, therefore the lesson always starts with me whinging about wanting to look, this and playing with the practice mute!

Perhaps one day i will be able to without the whine - this will indeed be an achievement!

This lesson was encouraging.. i am moving on from the Preliminary Grade Book, so on to the First Grade pieces i go - very exciting.. new music to facilitate cracking the sound barrier!

Today also sees me sliding from first position to third position in some of the technical exercises.. it is a challenge, and there was much laughing, only because of the well chosen words the maestro used to describe this a few weeks ago!

In his words.. "try not to let it sound like a donkey!"

So in trying this exercise from the so called Technical Work Book, all i could think about was this comment! Which incited riotous laughing from us both when i reminded him - i told maestro that he should be very careful with these word/sound/ picture/associations.. very distracting albeit the truth!

That D note on the A string followed by the open D in this 'matching octaves with smooth slurs' exercise.. played by a beginner such as myself.. well.. ahem..
is very ee-aw!
hope you have enjoyed 'notes on a violin'
a presto!


donna con il violino blu

donna con il violino blu © 2010 patricia vannucci


Anonymous said...

The detail in this is wonderful.
The colours are also fantastic.
It helps to see the instrument itself.
Love it to pieces.
Your progress has been exceptional. Keep up the practice.

violinista blu said...

B.. thank you for your interest and continued support and also for your kind comments on the artwork.
All i can do is my best with practice.
i am finding both practice and art very difficult at present.