Thursday, November 21, 2013

Q Vov Dylan and his String Quintet Live

To my Maestro..

You are an amazing violinist and it's an honour and privilege to know you.

To share in your journey through the beautiful music of the violin, 
to photograph and create the covers for your CD's is something i
did not envisage doing when i started this adventure.

and now

Q Vov Dylan and his String Quintet Live

Thank you for your instruction, and for having faith in me.

Wishing you every success with Q.

Look forward to creating you next cover 
and working with you on all your CD's going into 2014.

Cover Art, Photography & Design
Patricia Vannucci


Vov Dylan said...

I can only hope the music matches the covers.

Your work is divine - and I am proud to have your collaborations on these projects.

Watch out for a busy year of releases coming up in 2014!

As always, thank you Patricia.

violinista blu said...


Firstly can i start by saying, thank you so much for visiting here after what has been such a long break for dVb, and how fitting for a first comment to come from 'the Maestro' himself.

I'm so proud to know you, to be part of your team and to be witness to your journey.
To collaborate on the covers artistically either through painting or photography is awesome.

Thank you for your support, encouragement and faith

On your music..

Hope and fear not
You have been chosen
To voice here and now
Those who have come before you
Giants themselves
You do them proud