Saturday, November 23, 2013

It been so long since updating this blog. The creative urges are trickling through and it feels good to once again get things going on a creative and musical front.
Let's hope that i can keep this all on track somehow and make up for lost ground, after what has been a tumultuous and life changing few years for me on a personal front.

Thanking Vov Dylan aka Maestro for his encouragement, positivity and friendship in getting me back to practicing and playing violin after what has been almost a two year absence from it.
His ability to tailor lessons to keep me motivated and moving forward, as well a knack to be able to transfer his knowledge is what makes for an excellent teacher.

Also thanking him for allowing me the opportunity to take responsibility of his photographic requirements and cover design for his CD's this year and ongoing into 2014. 
It is an honour and privileged to work and liaise with him and to be part of his team on his various projects.

Never had i imagined that my journey through learning violin would have given me such an opportunity,  leaving an artistic fingerprint behind and to meet, photograph and best of all listen to such wonderful musicians. It truly feels like I'm in Heaven and i'm having so much fun! 
Thank you Vov.

More updates soon on photography and violin lessons.

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