Tuesday, December 22, 2009

do you know how to sing a lullaby?
yes you do!

throw away the written music
one practice a week

for a half hour
just play

catch a phrase
a melody

take her for a drive
see where she will take you

it is amazing what you can see and hear
if you just wind down the window
this is me
this is what i do
this is me

the way i am
when i am




lesson 29

There are many things that have happened since my last posting here
at some stage i will have to catch up.

A chat on skype last night has prompted this post today.

There have been a few very extraordinary people who i have encountered on this violin voyage, each making their own special contribution in helping me, and i make mention of another here now.

My support person and friend Sergio, who is also a mature beginner in violin, is someone who has recently come into my life, as recently as the violin itself.
he struggles as i do with the instrument, however our passion to master it, is one which ties us.

Each week we have what i have termed, a VICC - Violin International Conference Call over the internet air waves via skype as he is from the tiny island of Malta.

He takes out his notes which he makes during the week 'to prepare' as well as his violin and very patiently and methodically reasons his way through scales and other theory.

We exchange music although due to my lack of computer skills it is rather onesided and it is he who is always sending me music.
We also take it in turn to play for each other to encourage and to hear how we are progressing.

He does not read music but is learning very quickly as he is astute, even learning without a teacher when he first began - which i think is an amazing achievement, i on the other can manage a little, but would rather just play by ear..

Last night i did this for him over skype, i had practiced for a few hours beforehand, a song which reminded me of the dances i used to attend with my parents as a child. This song also happens to be on the cd my maestro launched last week.
the song is Besame Mucho.. which in spanish i believe means kiss me a lot or very much.

Anyhow... i played this adlibbing over the skype exchange after having been inspired by maestro's rendition.

Sergio had replied after i had finished - i do not know how to do that.. play by ear.

The words in reply are those written up top.. faith

Thank you sergio for having faith
i have faith in you
ps.. i was told today,
when you find a white feather at your feet,
an Angel watches over you


donna con il violino blu

perugina photography © 2009 patricia vannucci


donna con il violino blu © 2010 patricia vannucci


Anonymous said...

Thank You Dear Perry!

Read it only after having reviewed
our Skype Conversation History.

I am speechless.

But not speechless as not to say how much it is appreciated.


violinista blu said...

Hi Sergio!
No need to feel speechless.
Your support, friendship, encouragement & love since we have embarked on this violin voyage of discovery has been one which i cherish.
Faith Sergio is what will keep this ship afloat.

I must remember to post that beautiful verse you wrote about our adventure, i remember your words well written below..

i have not forgotten.

i am aboard the Flamed Maple Ship with the f Holes as its Windows.
The Aubert Bridge as Pole and the Strings to support the sails
Sometimes the Waters will Shake us,
The Waters will Drive our Emotions Crazily,
with this Hardship will make it more Adventurous.
At the End we will have a Story to Tell.

The journey has begun Sergio.. the journey has begun.

sempre dal cuore
with love

Anonymous said...

Again beautiful words
Very whimisical ? I think

violinista blu said...

I am so blessed to have support here, thanking you again B for taking the time to read through and leave your thoughts.
It definitely leaves me inspired.