Thursday, November 5, 2009

lesson 22
i must be crazy..
taking up the violin at this late stage in life - and have been told so - that's ok...
I'm having fun despite it being a challenge and my maestro is patient and kind and hasn't whacked me over the head with the instrument - this is a positive sign me thinks :) Well maestro tells me he wouldn't be using the instrument in anycase! ;)
This piece is the one i have the most fun playing and as this is my very first video and YouTube upload so i wanted to keep it short.. not knowing how it would come out :) I am also trying very hard not to look at the violin when playing!
This violin is the third i have acquired since starting 22 weeks ago.
It was gifted to me from Spyros Vretos (82 years of age) it has been in his possession since 1970 when he bought it from the Music Distributors Australia in Artarmon Sydney.
Spyros has given away many violins which he has bought and restored during his life, and he too started learning to play the violin as an older student after being inspired by a lady violinist on the boat out to Australia when he migrated.
I feel humbled, privileged and very honored that he has given me this very beautiful violin as a gift.
Spyros, thank you for having faith, for allowing a stranger into your home when i was searching for a teacher, for first introducing me to my violin.
Your gift is treasured, and your extreme generosity always remembered.
dal cuore
Thursday 5 November, 2009
ps.. i am very shy and when nervous i tend to giggle and sincere apologies for the unglamorous kitchen surrounds.. :/

donna con il violino blu

donna con il violino blu © 2010 patricia vannucci


Anonymous said...

Great video.
Looks like you were having fun.
Congratulations on your first youtube posting
You have achieved so much in 22 weeks. Its unbelievable!
People are going to call you the violin lady (not the bag lady) if you get more violins!
Great to see your progress. Keep enjoying your music

Philip Smith said...

Bravo, Sounds like your making great progress. I would have thought you were more advanced than grade 1 . keep up the good work. Phiip

violinista blu said...

Hi B, thanking you again for this continued support – it is most valued, and sincere apologies for my tardy reply.
I had so much fun – yes!
As you see it is only a snippet of video and perhaps Lady Luck played her part here in that firstly was able to work out how to record and make a video – as i have never used the computer in this capacity, let alone work out how to upload on YouTube.. and secondly, try and garner some confidence to actually play something – even a few bars.. i am very nervous and shy and giggle lots – my maestro can attest to that!
You know what most do not, that i am soon to acquire a fourth violin – and for this (again i stress, as you know) the ultimate sacrifice was made – no, definitely not the bag lady now.. and i never thought i’d say that!

violinista blu said...

Hi Philip, Thanking you most kindly for your first visit here and a most encouraging one!
Week 22 of learning violin when i posted this video, and have now advanced to Grade 2 of the AEMB Syllabus – informally speaking as i have not performed for Preliminary or Grade 1 exams, my maestro feels that i should aim for Grade 5 and then take exams (if i so wish), so he is kind of fast tracking me through to give me an overview and then we will go back and finetune – i am capitalising on his wonderful instruction/guidance by putting in 1 hour (at the very minimum) of prac a day whilst motivated.
Thank you for following, and for your kind words of support.
All the very best for your Cello #7, it looks like a fine pieceso far.. and hope your thumb has mended from the gouging.
Take care