Monday, June 22, 2009

week 3
i have bought a beautiful violin

i am considered
to be learning the violin.

I've started this blog diary of sorts to document this musical journey.
every journey starts with a desire to take a step in a direction never navigated.
I'm filled with great excitement as well as trepidation.

i have bought a beautiful violin
which i take with me on this path
i am considered
to be learning the violin.

few know of this journey
so if you have happened to stumble across this blog
and have or can spare any words of encouragement
i would appreciate them greatly

i have bought this beautiful violin.
i am told
'you're old'
to be learning the violin

to my way of thinking
only when i am
will it be too late
'to learn'
the violin
or indeed anything

i have bought a beautiful violin

'donna con il violino blu'
original artwork
words © 2009 patricia vannucci

 perugina art © 2009 patricia vannucci


Anonymous said...

What a great idea!
I offer all of my support & encouragement.
Already I have seen progress.
You are a very talented musician & I know you have always wanted to play the violin.
I am happy to join you in your journey. L

violinista blu said...

L.. thank you for your support by way of following Perugina Art and now following la violinista blu on this journey.
You know i have wanted to do this for a long time!
i'm not a talented musician (far from it), you are being way too kind & complimentary, i simply love music and if i can get a decent sound outta the darn thing i'll be more than happy - hehehe
thank you

Jorge Perez Taveras said...

I love this poem. I started spanish guitar at 15 till about 21 or 22, then stopped for about 10 years and picked it up again. I don't play the instrument in hopes of being on American Idol or San Remo, I play it because I love it... and I learn it because I love it. Even Paco de Lucia says he learns every day, and if HE'S too old... no. There's no age in Art or Music. There is only spirit and feeling and love, and these things stay with you eternally. One is never too old to start, and we will always be too young to stop. Enjoy!

violinista blu said...

Thank you so much Jorge for leaving a comment here.
I can't think of a better reason to learn something because you love it...
"there is only spirit and feeling and love and these things stay with you eternally" your words inspirational and encouraging.