Thursday, August 7, 2014

Vov Dylan - Bartók CD Cover - A work in progress

currently working on Vov Dylan's next CD!

My blog of late has been more about featuring Vov Dylan's CD's than my own journey learning to play violin. 

Nevertheless it's still a journey albeit through aural and visual means and never did i imagine being involved on this level whereby i would be designing CD cover art for such a fine musician.

With that being said, I'm excited on many fronts. Firstly the CD cover work (in progress) for the Bartók 44 Duos for Two Violins will hopefully feature (seen here) my original watercolour work; GDAE Notes on a Violin, painted in 2009, when i first started violin lessons with "il Maestro" which i have colour inverted for the cover.

Secondly, having a very personal connection with this CD, that of being present when it was recorded back in September 2013, and witnessing the physical feat it was for these violinists Vov Dylan and Robert Sek to get through this body of work by Bartók.

Finally because i have attempted to learn some of the duets in Book I and play along with the Maestro himself. 

Vov along with Glenn Amer on piano, have also recorded 6 Romanian Folk Dances (also by Bartók) for this album. 
This series of 44 duets composed in 1931 by Hungarian born composer Béla Bartók is hoping to be released by September.

donna con il violino blu
donna con il violino blu © 2014 patricia vannucci 
perugina art © 2014 patricia vannucci

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