Monday, May 12, 2014

Vov Dylan with Glenn Amer on piano - Incidental

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Vov Dylan and Glenn Amer performing the late 19th century 'incidental' music for Violin and Piano.

The lead up to and first few hours of the job are sheer panic.

Starting a new project is always exciting, however the responsibility for creating
‘the stage’ on a small CD via photography for such amazing musicians makes me nervous, so much so that procrastination ensues.
The lead up to and first few hours of this undertaking are sheer panic as images are recalled. Hopefully after some discussion with the main man I’m able to quiet my nervous tension so the process can begin.

Typically there is a photograph from the shoot that stands out and it is this, which usually directs the CD and from there it starts to evolve. It is this latter process to which I derive the most enjoyment.

As always it is a privilege to witness these artists whilst they record.
I can only hope that my cover does their work justice.

My congratulations to Vov, Glenn and Evan, a most beautiful collaborative work.

To Vov, thank you again for giving me the honour of creating the cover.


Photography & CD Cover design
Patricia Vannucci
St Ives shoot
23 September 2013

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