Tuesday, July 20, 2010

il violino blu on white silk organza

photo taken
21 June, 2010
perugina photography © 2010 patricia vannucci

lesson 57

I hate Him.. respectfully
I was told and then discovered through listening that Sitt's melody lines do not follow a pattern, which makes memorising a little difficult, which forces one to read the music... lucky me!
Sight reading is what i consider torture.. i believe i stated in lesson that i would rather swallow razor blades!
Well.. this may be a slight exaggeration.

Hans Sitt 100 Studies, Op. 32 Book 1: 20 Studies in 1st Position - numbers 1 & 5.
Numbers 14 & 19 are to be attempted for homework senza referencing on the internet - i promised the Maestro, so i'd best be a good girl.. which will not be a hard thing to do considering i have not attempted this yet and it is almost that time of the week again.
the good girl with the blue violin

Hans Sitt  21 September 1850, Prague – 10 March 1922, Leipzig
A German violinist, teacher, and composer. During his lifetime, he was regarded as one of the foremost teachers of violin. Most of the orchestras and conservatories of Europe and North America then sported personnel who numbered among his students. He held the august position of Professor of Violin at the Leipzig Conservatory from 1883 on, and authored several important studies for that instrument, some of which are still used.
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Anonymous said...

Reading music? Yes, razorblades might be an option! Music should be heard, not read (Smile...Mr. Sitt is pleased with you for being a good girl)

violinista blu said...

Hi Phil, and warm welcome to you for formally leaving a comment here on DVB – thank you so much.
Unfortunately for me i am going to have to try and curb my bad habits - placing heavy reliance on my ear for grasping tunes and committing most to memory to play them.. so reading is in order, much to my wanting otherwise.
A little like medicine, awful to swallow but in the long term will benefit.. i practiced today for a little bit only and stayed well away from downloading the Etudes from the net to hear them.
Looking up at the mountain that is violin.. i felt like a small pebble.. i just felt overwhelmed today.

Anonymous said...

Your attitude is the correct one; as musicians we must think of the distant future and what we will wish we had done. You are wise to think of it as a bad tasting medicine...in years to come you will hug yourself for swallowing it. As a guitarist there are many things I wish I had done more correctly in my formative years. So, brava for you brave little Donna con il Violino Blu. You will someday be a champion!